Fairy Fantasy Episode Ideas

  1. find bracelets for powers (makes rainbows,forms clouds,calls nature,designs different wings,grows flowers,
  2. meets a unicorn
  3. find evil pixie
  4. _______ is in love
  5. drink a potion
  6. evil pixie (madison) tries to steal their crown


Kenzie: water (blue)

Brooke: animals (pink)

Paige: plants (green)

P= grow plants, move plants, grows hieght of plants

B= calls animals, turns into animal, speaks animal

K= cures, water telekenises,freezes


POWERS:makes rainbows, cures, calls nature, grows plants, water telekenises, invisibility

Neclaces and Colors

Blue= water and ice

Green= plants

Pink= animals

White= fortune and good luck

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