Unicorns are basically horses with horns on thier forehead. Although, unlike horses, they have magical powers and shoot various foods from thier horns. There is said to be Unicorn Angels and Princesses too. That is true. BOOM.


As the queen unicorn said, " Every unicorn is unique!" Unicorns are actully unique in many ways. Some are all rainbow patterned, most males are jet black with pure red,gold, or blue eyes.Some are white with different hair colors or body colors(those are the ones that can usally shape shift. WHAAAAAAAT????!!!!???

Known Unicorns/Unicorn RoyaltyEdit

  • Stephanie
  • Roxxane(Unicorn Princess)
  • Dexter
  • Jimmie
  • Daisy&nbsp
  • Paris the Adventurer (Princess)
  • Erica/who-is-erica (evil unicorn queen stripper on instagram