Fairy Fantasy is a umcomming series about three best friends,who find 3 neclaces that could change thier whole life. These neclaces turned them into fairies. Not only fairies but fairy princesses! Which means they live in a big castle,get to eat delicious food,service all the time any time,and they have unique wings! It sounds fun but what could happen if they aren't careful? What if someone finds out who they REALLY are!? What about responsibility and limits? What trouble will they get into?? Find out more in 89 years! (jklol) Find out more when i find more information!!


  • Their names are based on the dance mom girls
  • homeade wands?
  • the same girls are in the 4 tails
  • i like donuts


  • Paris as...Kenzie
  • Aliyah as...Brooke
  • Zeyna as...
  • Adisa as... camera man and props (is props)


  • Mine,Mean,You Belong with Me,Safe & Sound--Taylor Swift
  • Firework,California Gurls

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